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BlackBerry iVolution Leather Case

va174bkbc BlackBerry iVolution Leather CaseAt the beginning I would like to tell you what mistakes are making all people when buying a mobile phone, doesn’t matter if it’s a smartphone or not but the most important cases are about the smartphones. As I was saying, when people buys a mobile phone, they start to enjoy it very much and they like how is the phone looking but then they start to feel normal and they don’t care so much as at the beginning about the phone and then it starts to get scratched and even worst to broke and to have no chance to repair.

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BlackBerry 8900 Curve – First Preview

Blackberry 8900 Curve deals BlackBerry 8900 Curve   First PreviewEven if BlackBerry 8900 Curve was released in February 2009, 9 months ago, we still need to make a preview and later a review of it because it's pretty cool even if I saw it just in pictures and videos. The predecessor of BlackBerry 8900 Curve is the BlackBerry Curve 8300.

If you look at the predecessor of this phone and then at the new BlackBerry 8900 Curve, I'm sure that you'll notice the differences: the original colors are different so the trackball and the keys are having another color.

Also, BlackBerry 8900 Curve comes with the latest soft version of the BlackBerry's operating system.

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Better than a Theme? MyPhone Application

myphonebbv11 300x78 Better than a Theme? MyPhone Application

MyPhone for Blackberry

So, are you ready to change your Berry’s interface? Lets say to something more along the lines of an Iphone interface? Then allow me to introduce you to the MyPhone app for Blackberry. Notice I said “app”, not theme. This application actually changes your entire phones user interface, rather than just changing the look of your icons. Now I am not a Blackberry user with Iphone envy, but this is a pretty neat addition to your phone if you ask me.

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In Depth Review: Pandora for Blackberry and Pandora Update

 In Depth Review: Pandora for Blackberry and Pandora Update

Pandora Interface

For those of you that are already familiar with Pandora for Blackberry, I’m sure you are aware of how sweet of an application it is! Please skip to part two of this blog for information on the newly released update that you can Download for Pandora as I will be discussing general information on the program in part one for those who are new to Pandora for Blackberry.

PART ONE: If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could totally and completely personalize the radio and music I listen to”, well good news! Enter Pandora for Blackberry. Pandora is available OTA and allows you to create up to 100 customizable live streaming radio stations right on your phone. On top that you can create one Quick Mix station that allows you to choose as many as you want from your 100 to get a wider variety of music with the touch of one button.(Rather than having to switch back and forth.)

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